What up what up what up?

Hello! I'm not dead, obviously :) My muse took a holiday and so did I. Here's what I brought back with me. Hope you like them. They're weird for me. A product of artistic frustration, post-rock, electronic/ambient music, and changing inspirations (the most excellent ___aliform being one that certainly makes you push boundaries, even if just a little). Hm :)

42 (42!!) Stock icons

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The chat:
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Hi, remember me? I'm the slacker around here. I've not made icons in about a million years but I'm dipping my toes back in, so I have a question for you guys.

If I were to icon countries/cities/towns, which would you like to see?

I've got the travel bug so want to look at far off places on my computer screen.

Thanks guys :)