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Icons by airlei, cherub_ellie, zo_cat, and catchthatkat
hiiiiiiiii! - Merlin, Lost, Pushing Daises, Stock... uhh I think… 
28th-Feb-2009 01:30 pm

- Merlin, Lost, Pushing Daises, Stock... uhh I think that's it.
- bunches of variations.













# 29 hah forgot this one. sorry!

1-23 Lost
24-41 Merlin
42-44 Pushing Daisies
45-48 Stock

I managed to not make a number "27" icon and forgot to add in 29.. so if you save ignore the numbers :)
Lost caps from Lost Media. Merlin caps from InaDream-caps. All textures are either elli, blimey icons or grungetextures.com. Stock pictures are my own.

*Comment, Credit, whaaaatever

Sorry for all the variations, I just... can't help it! It's a sickness, I swear.
28th-Feb-2009 07:27 pm (UTC)
love the merlin ones ♥
28th-Feb-2009 07:44 pm (UTC)
These are gorgeous! Taking 42, will credit. Thank you!
28th-Feb-2009 07:44 pm (UTC)
Love them all! Especially the Lost ones :)
28th-Feb-2009 09:36 pm (UTC)

Also. Seeing as you seem to happen to seem to happen to like some of the music I do. :)
28th-Feb-2009 11:18 pm (UTC)
your Merlin icons are beautiful, I'm saving a few ♥
1st-Mar-2009 12:48 am (UTC)
Snagged a bunch of the Merlin ones. Thanks! <3
1st-Mar-2009 10:50 am (UTC)
Whoa, gorgeous - LOST! PUSHING DAISIES ♥ ♥
1st-Mar-2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
These are just so gorgeous! I especially love the Lost and PD icons, but these are all so pretty!
1st-Mar-2009 11:27 pm (UTC)
These are fantastic - I've been longing for some more Merlin icons, and these are beautiful - I'll be taking 26, 28, 30, 31, 35, 39 and maybe more! Thank you!
3rd-Mar-2009 06:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much :) You're a big inspiration... and your fics rock. :)
3rd-Mar-2009 10:00 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you! I can't seem to produce anything half-way decent in photoshop these days, but at least I'm enjoying writing!
2nd-Mar-2009 11:28 am (UTC)
Grabbed several of the Merlin ones, thanks so much! :)
3rd-Mar-2009 01:20 am (UTC)
I love the Merlin icons. Snagging a few; will credit.
3rd-Mar-2009 03:15 pm (UTC)
WOOW.. these are just wow! ♥♥
7th-Mar-2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
I'm definetly saving 6 from this batch. I love the use of the border here and how the colors fit so well together. The colors of the other parts and the picture part. It feels so fitting somehow without drawing attention away from face and the feel and emotion on it. Truly amazing.

I also really love the coloring to 21 and 22; so incredibly pretty. And the feel to 32 is so amazing too. The placement works here and I dont'know how you make that coloring work, but you totally do. Love the contrast between the b/w part and the colored part. I also think 35 is amazing with the border like that. And 45 is so incredibly clear; wonderful.
12th-Mar-2009 04:59 pm (UTC)
thank you so much. I really appreciate critique like this! It helps me a lot, and means a lot! :) I'm glad that you like them. I definitely like to experiment and change my "style" quite frequently. There's just so much one can do with a little 100 x 100 box!
11th-Mar-2009 10:36 am (UTC)
agh, I forgot to say the first time: such pretty icons, and I stole a couple! Somehow I am watching Lost this season, and ... yeah. Evangeline Lilly is gorgeous and I've been secretly been fangirling her for a while. :D

I also needed to have watched Merlin like, last week. It's on my to-watch list. :)
11th-Mar-2009 07:23 pm (UTC)
27 is lovely <3
22nd-Mar-2009 02:30 am (UTC)
Love the Lost stuff so much! Snagging tons and will credit when I use! :)

Could you possibly make a tut for #2?
4th-Jul-2009 01:30 am (UTC)
I adore the Merlin icons ♥
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